Kibana on Clickhouse data with Quesma - dashboarding

Kibana on Clickhouse data with Quesma - dashboarding

Feb 26, 2024

by Pawel Brzoska

Hey devs! Remember that sweet Quesma translation gateway prototype we unveiled in our last post? The one that bridges the gap between Kibana's awesome interface and ClickHouse's OLAP computing power? We're back with another reason to get excited.

We've built a brand new extension for Kibana dashboarding functionality that lets you unleash the power of SQL queries directly on your ClickHouse data and display aggregations on beautiful Kibana dashboards. No more wrestling with complex data translations or sacrificing your favorite visualization tools. Just fire up your familiar Kibana interface and let us do the rest of magic with ClickHouse.

Want to see it in action again? This time we've got a quick demo that walks you through running a log query in Discover, building a breakdown chart, and integrating it seamlessly into your existing dashboard alongside your other panels. Check it out!

Here at Quesma, we believe in developer freedom. You shouldn't be locked into a single ecosystem just because you love a specific tool. We know many of you adore Kibana's usability, but maybe the tight coupling with Elasticsearch isn't your jam. That's where ClickHouse shines for OLAP workloads. Our gateway acts as the missing link, letting you leverage the best of both worlds.

Speaking of flexibility, Quesma's gateway is a lightweight beast. Deploy it as a Docker container or spin it up in Kubernetes – it's your call. It seamlessly integrates with Kibana, Beats, Logstash on one side, and Elasticsearch or ClickHouse on the other. Plus, it supports dual-write/dual-read mode. This lets you compare performance and data integrity between your setups, giving you the power to decide how much data you migrate to ClickHouse for optimal ROI and performance. Quesma handles all the schema translation and query compatibility headaches in the background, so you can focus on what matters: getting insights from your data.

Have questions or ready to take it for a spin? Hit us up!